Flu Shot Finder

72 Remastered Westview BR Flu Shot Finder

This is the app that I worked on during the UC Health Hack 2018. It was designed mainly to locate the optimal location for getting a flu shot based on price, perks, and distance from you. We also wanted to digitize medical proof of getting flu shots by having a camera function to save the record to your phone or to a cloud service like Amazon Web Services. It is still open for further development, so if you are interested in sponsoring it or fleshing it out further, please contact me.

I developed the basic concept of this app, as well as basic proof of concept work with my roomate Ata and three other students. Unfortunately, we weren't quite able to get a technical demo with all of our planned features in place during the hackathon (turns out learning Swift in 24 hours is hard), but we did develop a clear idea of what we wanted the app to do and how to do it.

I am working on finishing the writeup describing the app and its features, and will have it available here for download once it's complete.

Download the Presentation Check it out on GitHub