Westview Battle Royale

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In my Junior year of high school, I took the Advanced Placement Computer Science class there. At the end of the year, our final project was to create our own piece of software, from scratch. Most people who took the class made games, but my group and I wanted ours to stand out as something special. So, we decided to make a Street Fighter-esque game based on the teachers at our school.

We spent hours going around to teachers to ask them to let us take their pictures, grunt in a microphone, and record some voice lines for us to put into the game. We also took panoramic shots of iconic locations at the school to use as background images, so the in-game fighting arenas could feel unique. We painstakingly grafted the teachers' faces onto some old Street Fighter sprites, and set to work coding.

I wanted the game to be absolutely perfect, so I personally went all-out on the programming side of the game. I implemented the scrolling backgrounds, something that caused a LOT of bugs during development, but ended up being totally worth the time. I made sure to include a Konami Code easter egg, something you can check out if you play the game ;) I spent a great deal of time just making the base game/menu work properly, and tried my best to make the game as polished as possible in the few weeks we had to work on it. I learned a lot programmingwise from making the game, and use some of the techniques I learned today.

I also spent a lot of time editing sound files to make the punches, kicks, jumps, and crouches come alive for each character, and I had a great time bringing these teachers that I had known for three years into this silly video game. This game was made with a lot of love, but I hope to make games way better in the future.

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